The Ember Knight


His only family, his younger twin, has been murdered. He isn’t as talented as his late genius brother, but in order to get his revenge, he will become “strong”. Will I be able to get my revenge?

33 Chapter(s)

Aiaiaiai what you doin go beat their asses

Chapter 67 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-01-20T23:09:41Z

Titan Raven

Ceil got one heck of a mental fortitude
And someone is stupidly happy about killing people🤣🤣🤣 https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Chapter 163: That Butler, Knocked Down - Kuroshitsuji · 2022-01-20T23:09:04Z


Issue with this one Vaccine for coof is...
The speed at which i was developed (ANY other Vaccine took YEARS of VARIOUS tests, including ones targetting long term risks) is way off the norm (Less than a year for a Vaccine for a new Virus, unless it was man made and the Vaccine data WAS ALREADY prepared in tandem with the engineeringnof said Virus, no way it would be feasible)
Second being.... The number of SEVERE side effects (enough to incapacitate a work capable person or even lead to death), including shit THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HAPPENING (Blood clogs (or whatever the medical term for that is) on a teenager WHOSE FAMILY HAS NO precedent of any disease that causes such) as a side effect.
Fatalities from Vaccinated is too high for a "Sanctioned" Vaccine.
Even with it, number of cases is stupidly UNBALANCED (More Vaccinated are getting it than those yet to get a jab).

Tbh, most other Vaccines before this one are reliable and work, with plenty of test data ensuring it. This one.... Is too iffy tbh.

Anyways, check trustworth sources, check with your trusted medic and the likes....
Just an Opinion butnoh boy, does the number of issues keep popping out

Chapter 38: The Struggle of the Pharmacists - Isekai Yakkyoku · 2022-01-20T23:08:25Z

Vincenzo DiTrolio

mc, earlier on the porter character mentioned he needed to get his hair fixed up probably because it got cut when he got the face wound

Chapter 32 - Seoul Station's Necromancer · 2022-01-20T23:08:10Z

Miscellaneous Bastard

wow, a room full of people, and not a single brain cell among em.

Chapter 130 - IRIS - Lady with a Smartphone · 2022-01-20T23:06:49Z

Constellation: [System]

Bruh shiro san is so beautiful
I like hairstyles like shiro i dunno but i find it attractive

Chapter 49: Let's eat meat! - Mazumeshi Elf to Youbokugurashi · 2022-01-20T23:03:06Z


I was wondering why control right didnt work, where's the next chapter?

Chapter 68 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-01-20T23:00:56Z


"reads x manhwa"

"someone posts pick of x manhwa"

"hey where'd you get that pic from"

Chapter 68 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-01-20T23:00:18Z

Constellation: [System]

Vegetarians raging in the backgrounds

One of us one of us (meat lovers) one of us one of us

Chapter 48: Reforming Forest Elf cooking!! - Mazumeshi Elf to Youbokugurashi · 2022-01-20T22:57:58Z