Suzuki-Kun is peeping.

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    Satou-kun is Peeping. ~I am Peeping in the Girl's Hearts With God's App~ ; Satou-kun wa Nozoteiru. ~Kami-sama Appli de Onnanoko no Kokoro o Nozoitara Do XX datta~ ; 佐藤くんは覗ている。 ; ~神様アプリで女の子のココロをノゾいたらど××だった~
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    Chapter 3
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A high-school boy, while sleeping in school, saw a dream in which a girl proposes to him, and then a goddess pops out and grants him something special. The girl from her dream happens to be his classmate sharing the same family name – “Suzuki”. After that, he finds out that he got a special app on his mobile which lets him see other girl thoughts!?

Satou-kun is Peeping(Prequel) it is advised to read it prequel for better understanding of the app.

3 Chapter(s)
~ Beru ~

This is hilarious I love it lol

FFF-Class Trashero · 2021-06-14T09:29:55Z


In some country where i study aboard, they even put watermelon and such in salt

Chapter 8 - My Secretly Hot Husband · 2021-06-14T09:29:44Z

Monkey D. Luffy

Oh yeah .. This island devourer appeared only once in the anime

One Piece - Chapter 128 : Stand Up If Ya Wanna Fight - MangaKatana · 2021-06-14T09:29:11Z


Thank you. Is it good?

Chapter 9 - Blue Box · 2021-06-14T09:28:41Z


but seeing this kind of past and this kind of end I can't help but push that part away and just feel good for him

Chapter 156: Thank You - Kimetsu no Yaiba · 2021-06-14T09:28:16Z


But no naked runningman (╯︵╰,)

Chapter 65 - Rooftop Sword Master · 2021-06-14T09:25:26Z


Damn you for exciting me like this. Can't wait

Chapter 74 - Survive as the Hero's Wife · 2021-06-14T09:23:37Z

Random Weeb

Han sung water attack is incredibly gorgeous. Too bad, just like Sailor Mercury, it didn't do shit to the enemy

Chapter 488: [Season 3] Ep. 71 - Tower of God · 2021-06-14T09:21:26Z