Shotgun Boy


The boy named "Han Gyu-Hwan" who had no choice but to transform from a weakling to a hero... And the shotgun that would turn that boy into the hero...

The prequel to the mega-hit <Sweet Home>, which has recorded 1.2 billion views world-wide, is headed your way!

21 Chapter(s)
Just Pixelツ

this stupid bum dont use your fucking precious item on a goblin the fuck

Chapter 4.1: (Part two) - The King of Cave Will Live a Paradise Life · 2021-07-27T05:02:13Z


Ikr. What's the point of going invisible when you're a giant ass man who could be hit accidentally , and it has a drawback

Chapter 51: Hero - Deatte 5 Byou de Battle · 2021-07-27T05:01:14Z


Man, the MC of this story is so interesting, multi-faceted and cunning.
I love how each chapters focuses on him and his knowledge and intelligence.

Thank God he is not another one of those carpet-like, ball-less, useless, goal-less, apologetic man we usually get, like every "good Japanese men" in Isekais...

.......... well, sarcasm aside, thank fuck the rest of the characters are pretty good.

Chapter 23 - I Want To Play Happily Because I Got The Heavenly Castle · 2021-07-27T05:00:27Z


so just don't let them know your desire to prolong the time taken for monsterization

Sweet Home - Chapter 21: Ep.20 - MangaKatana · 2021-07-27T05:00:18Z


Yea definitely wrong... but they're girls anyway whats the harm?... just don't let it be dudes that would make things go down to hell, I don't even know I just added that...

Onee-san wa Joshi Shougakusei ni Kyoumi ga arimasu. - Chapter 1: The One Whom Onee-san Loves - MangaKatana · 2021-07-27T04:59:53Z



Chapter 63 - The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass · 2021-07-27T04:58:50Z


I feel bad for the girl, sigh

Chapter 119 - Medical Return · 2021-07-27T04:54:57Z


and the spy is trying to mediate this, though failed

Chapter 114 - MookHyang - Dark Lady · 2021-07-27T04:54:56Z

ℝogan ℂalypso

Shit. No one told me that before. I got stoned.

Chapter 25 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2021-07-27T04:54:49Z


I like it, but I'd like to change two things:

1. His marriage.
I like less attractive character finds love trope, cultural differences shaking the relationship, MC not taking advantage of a minor, and the adoptive parents trope.
I don't like suddenly falling for MC bc OP MC is OP trope, the "it's ok, our culture allows it ;)" trope, MC allowing himself to be pushed into this marriage out of convenience, and the fact that the adoptive parents relationship never explores parenting teenagers and would rather marry them. Like... He's 20 years older than her. I kinda just wanna see a bond with that age gap without sexual tension since it's something I don't see often explored without the daughter character being an itty bitty loli instead of someone who is reliable like the FL here.

2. Less serious but--: He said be was illiterate & I was kinda looking forward to resulting dependency/shenanigans since he's a lord, but then he just.. Reads. Exchanges lots of letters. It's like it was just code for slow learner or something? It seemed like a fun character detail for him...

The Population Of The Frontier Owner Starts With 0. "Dias The Blue" And A Blue Horned Girl. · 2021-07-27T04:52:50Z


Tysm! I guess they never went into his life on earth. Other than that i did remember the rest of the story

Chapter 56 - The Max Level Hero Has Returned! · 2021-07-27T04:52:04Z