Shotgun Boy


The boy named "Han Gyu-Hwan" who had no choice but to transform from a weakling to a hero... And the shotgun that would turn that boy into the hero...

The prequel to the mega-hit <Sweet Home>, which has recorded 1.2 billion views world-wide, is headed your way!

10 Chapter(s)
Casey Brown

Naw they were idiots for over looking a skill that clearly paints itself as being op. To over come all limits, meaning it is a skill that overcomes the lost person restriction of being level 1.

Chapter 34 - The Reincarnated Inferior Magic Swordsman · 2021-05-11T00:40:59Z


Jeffrey did nothing wrong, cause she want a new life 75/100.

Chapter 7 - Charlotte Has Five Disciples · 2021-05-11T00:40:27Z

TrapShadow2323 YT

The FBI would like to know ur location

Chapter 634 - Versatile Mage · 2021-05-11T00:40:05Z

~ Beru ~

Legendary farmer? Piaro's descendant? 🤣

Chapter 78 - Dungeon Reset · 2021-05-11T00:39:57Z

Roronoa Zoro

Hahahahaaha i thought it has a deja vu feeling, so that's it huh

Chapter 54 - Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One · 2021-05-11T00:35:42Z

Iron Sight

People over here really think letting Civit go is a great idea especially when the next time he met Touka again hes gonna be prepared and will not drop his guardand hes literally gonna show up at the yellow forest during the time that the other heroes gonna be in there as well, which will inevitable invites the eyes of the goddess but nah, lets just let him go now and I will be way stronger than he is literally only months before we meet again.

Chapter 18 - I Became the Strongest With the Failure Frame "Abnormal State Skill" as I Devastated Everything · 2021-05-11T00:35:10Z


It's the Lackeys of Dan Monte, seems they doing that on their own accord.
behind the Boss Dan.

Chapter 6 - Charlotte Has Five Disciples · 2021-05-11T00:34:22Z


i Mean I was Looking for yaoi but I Never exspected to see IT Here-

Chapter 1 - The Duchess With An Empty Soul · 2021-05-11T00:29:58Z


this...this is what i want...not some stupid beta naive usual isekai mc who use "muh japones modern me no kill" ffs =_=a

Chapter 50.2 - Kumo desu ga, nani ka? · 2021-05-11T00:22:52Z

Demon Bee

wait i want to see his head be smushed!!!! I need a confirmed kill!

Chapter 128 - Eden's Zero · 2021-05-11T00:19:43Z