Sensei, Kongetsu Dou Desu ka


Murasaki has the power to see the future of the person she touches. As the landlord's daughter, she has to chase after Shijima Banri for rent every month. Every time, the poor author Shijima promises her that he'll pay rent as soon as he gets published and gets paid. Murasaki quietly supports his work, because she can see that Shijima is the person she is fated to marry.

21 Chapter(s)

How long are they going to drag the eventual beat down on Chion.

Chapter 92: Heart-Pounding Wallnack Tour - Four Knights of the Apocalypse · 2023-02-01T00:16:28Z

Spirit Gaurdian Angelica

I usually support people who are attracted to the gender but man just for right now...grab that gay blonde's neck and drown him! I want him dead for hurting Dani's feelings! Bro looks like his face was run over in the street at birth and got his clothes out of the school garbage. Dude needs the soap to mouth punishment and chokes!

Chapter 167 - Inso's Law · 2023-02-01T00:10:14Z

Mr. JimJam

Complimentary Loli is better heck make me a thesis if u disagree.

Chapter 8 - Attouteki Gacha Un De Isekai O Nariagaru! · 2023-02-01T00:09:06Z


if wally ends up winning im gonna be really mad.
still gonna read, but mad.

Chapter 1409: My Last Sun - Hajime no Ippo · 2023-02-01T00:08:24Z


Copy and store what kind of "memory"? From what to what? What use is that for Bin? Or is Bin just happy to be able to use any such item at all no matter what it does?

Chapter 154 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2023-02-01T00:08:00Z

Caleb Hill ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

I think it's the guy at the top of the tower. He was going on about how someone
is always sitting on his ass(a throne) at the top watching everyone a while a go.. He was talking like he was bitterly familiar them.

Chapter 67 - Ranker Who Lives A Second Time · 2023-02-01T00:07:12Z


It pays to know the right individual. 😎

Chapter 38.2 - Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki · 2023-02-01T00:06:12Z

Charvith K

the power of the ahjussis is incomprehensible

Chapter 26 - Manager Kim · 2023-02-01T00:04:38Z

Kawaii Killa

Yoru: Trust me Ass, making out with Dennis is essential to our combat efficiency.

Chapter 119 - Chainsaw Man · 2023-02-01T00:02:38Z

Cormac Bevins

so does this mean the cat's out of the bag and now everyone finds out Asa is the War Devil?

Chapter 119 - Chainsaw Man · 2023-02-01T00:00:28Z

Kawaii Killa

It smells like... like... stir fry...

Chapter 119 - Chainsaw Man · 2023-01-31T23:59:34Z