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    Juan D.Gonzales

    i don't know why, but sense the first chapter Mar felt somehow like how Bakugo is like on My Hero Academia.
    just a misunderstood delinquent type of guy..

    Mar hates mc, but he never seemed like he made it his mission to bully mc all the time like Bakugo did on MHA however he felt just as misunderstood as Bakugo because he never really hated mc but more like he hated that the weak guy was trying to walk in the shoes of the strong.

    it was more like Mar just didn't like how weak mc was and felt the need to go all out in the mock battles because weak people shouldn't belong in a school full of elite students but it seems he stupidly just didn't understood how wrong his actions where and how badly his action where influencing the rest of the school morons.

    Chapter 15 - Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no "Kokoro"- · 2022-08-11T05:39:58Z

    Harry Siestanto

    Eating steak in a labyrinth? Why not! The labyrinth is full of good and unique food ingredients!

    Chapter 17 - How to Live as a Villain · 2022-08-11T05:38:57Z


    Some places use . Instead of ,

    Chapter 96 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-08-11T05:38:40Z


    If fl wasn't a pervert than it'd be considered rape. And the author and readers won't want that.

    Chapter 3 - Osananajimi wa Ichi Tamagosei no Shishi Supadari Futago to Torotoro 3 nin Seikatsu · 2022-08-11T05:36:45Z


    Sometimes the introduction of the second male lead is what actually speeds up the progress of the relationship building between main leads.

    Chapter 61 - The Viridescent Crown · 2022-08-11T05:35:28Z

    anthony garcia

    i mean ive heard alot of holy swords named lightbringer but never has the name been so literal

    Chapter 14 - Damn Reincarnation · 2022-08-11T05:32:57Z


    Hayan Beloved , Betray Human to Side With The Winner , Class : Black Magician (He got that option in Tutorial).
    Okay that's 99.9% Kiyoung Alright.

    Chapter 54 - Regressor Instruction Manual · 2022-08-11T05:31:17Z

    Handy Dandy

    This pumpkin night fucker needs to die already man

    Chapter 35 - Massacre Happy End · 2022-08-11T05:29:33Z

    [{Anti-Horny Primordial}]

    The wind girl could know where basically anything is. If air is there she can see and travel there. The earth one one knew the planet she was on but it isnt said that she doesn't know other planets fire is sick she can burn shit and water is also sick causr she knows where water is just like air but air is the best one tbh information wise

    Chapter 167 - 4 Cut Hero · 2022-08-11T05:25:16Z

    The ex-weeb that nobody wants

    i love how the author/artist sneeks self-advertisment in the live chat 😭😭 https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 6: Total Revenue 20 Million Won! - How to Fight · 2022-08-11T05:24:28Z

    ⱠØⱤĐ ฿ØØ₮₴ ꙰

    Holy shit why is this guy such a scumbag? fuck him

    Chapter 49 - Lovely Again Today · 2022-08-11T05:23:08Z