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    Good evening Echriumperson, it is pleasant to meet one of the same origin as I, or is it that every person here is from the Philippines and I "ThatPerson" just did not know? How shocking it is! Though I must admit, it is unusual how people here have at least an acceptable level of grammar, wherein some(in other websites), if not most(in other websites) don't! How exhilarated I am!

    Chapter 16 - Forget About My Husband, I'd Rather Go Make Money · 2022-11-26T13:00:02Z


    Holy fuck. I can't help but get the feeling that author did everything they could to come of as smart and tried to fool the viewer.....if emperor really are planning things then the scene where he is panicking when the empress abducted is... flawed... you need to show the emperor is panicking but from the outside perspective.. not showing his thought.. here author showed how the emperor thought and its ruining everything

    Chapter 114 - I Don't Want to Be Empress! · 2022-11-26T12:58:06Z


    Look up worldwide age of consent, and hebephilia & ephebephilia. Instead of resorting to ad hominem attacks. The puritan US isn't the world mate.

    Chapter 1: Dark Elf Slave (1) - Ie ga Moete Jinsei Dou Demo Yoku Natta kara, Nokotta Nakenashi no Kin de Dark Elf no Dorei o Katta · 2022-11-26T12:57:54Z

    Secretive Watcher

    They can't do the same level now...
    It doesn't look that asthetic pleasing

    Chapter 74 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2022-11-26T12:56:54Z


    Yeah, only 38 chapters for a season feels short

    Chapter 38: Season 1 END - Ending Maker · 2022-11-26T12:56:37Z


    the other guy said it. but i will take mc's word over that of a appraiser. and i included the barrier b/c we see the barrier in action.

    Chapter 5: Mayhem in the Palace - My S-Rank Party Fired Me for Being a Cursificer ~ I Can Only Make “Cursed Items”, but They're Artifact Class! · 2022-11-26T12:55:30Z


    And it was all done in th same night with sister Lily floating above.

    Chapter 344: Writhing Sacred Veins - Black Clover · 2022-11-26T12:54:53Z


    No no no!!
    Yang kai doesn't join others sects he creates his own and rule the world

    This is unlike him

    Chapter 1563: Polite But Insincere - Martial Peak · 2022-11-26T12:54:51Z


    If you understand you're being stubborn a burden and don't have plan you're being more of a help sitting in a safe place... as if your q stone weigh 20 kg that tucked qt a running soldiers... unless you have an actual plan.. dont do anything

    Chapter 113 - I Don't Want to Be Empress! · 2022-11-26T12:50:20Z