There was once an ogre (oni) mother who gave birth to a human-looking child. Instead of an ogre's horn, this child was born with a sword in hand called the "Onigirimaru" or Ogre Slayer. He has no name and is only refered to by the name of his sword. Though he appears human, he is pure ogre.

Believing that he will become human once all of his kind vanished from the world of humans, he sets out on his destiny to slay all of his kind. Even now, in the mother world of Japan, he is still out there slaying ogres.

18 Chapter(s)

Unspoken rizz usually does that

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Chun ∞ω∞

ara~ sister is back to play with our hearts
btw i wonder if Lia's plan is to use him as bridge

Chapter 223 - Eleceed · 2022-12-09T22:23:41Z


It warms my heart to see antisemitism where I am not even expecting it

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cool name but i hope he doesnt actually become someone who look like a butterfly

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Brandon Acevedo

Finally, something happening other than info dumps or a bunch of random characters speculations on what they think or plan.

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AI is badass, he'll probaly end up being a god-tier person who got consumed by the system

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