Nega-kun and Posi-chan


An annoying love story about a young man with negative thoughts and a positive thinking woman

48 Chapter(s)

they always hit us with normal Slice of Life and then bombard us with romance for no reason bruh

Chapter 80 - Toorigakari ni one point advice shiteiku type no yankee · 2022-08-17T06:35:50Z

anime freak

same im also a chef but in training unions dont work on me either. i dont care about there sad story's while im cutting them in small pieces

Chapter 60 - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2022-08-17T06:31:45Z


For some reason there are a lot of people that think only in ntr in this site, at least I hope this is limited to this site.

The Noble Girl With a Crush on a Plain and Studious Guy Finds the Arrogant Prince to Be a Nuisance · 2022-08-17T06:30:33Z


Why didn't master or fran take a skill from the black haired betrayer or the strong blond swordmaster tho

Chapter 59: Sidran Revolution - Tensei Shitara Ken deshita · 2022-08-17T06:29:07Z


There's not ntr in this manga, you twisted pervert. Do you also think in ntr while eating breakfast with your stepfamily?

The Noble Girl With a Crush on a Plain and Studious Guy Finds the Arrogant Prince to Be a Nuisance · 2022-08-17T06:28:12Z


In Phantom Pain, in the end is discovered that who you thought was the real Snake was actually a random militar doctor that was brainwashed into thinking he was the real Snake.

So this regressor could be an agent of that invading forces but he is not aware of it. Or maybe he is not.

Chapter 63 - Seoul Station Druid · 2022-08-17T06:25:47Z


Pretty good. Im waiting for more chapters so i could read them in a bulk, but till c30 its pretty good

Perfect Surgeon · 2022-08-17T06:25:03Z