My stepsister who says Go die go die to me every day, tries to hypnotize me to fall for her while I was sleeping...!

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    Mainichi Shine Shine Itte Kuru Gimai ga, Ore ga Nete Iru Suki ni Saimin-jutsu de Hore Saseyou to Shite Kurundakedo…! ; 毎日死ね死ね言ってくる義妹が、俺が寝ている隙に催眠術で惚れさせようとしてくるんだけど…!
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    Chapter 18
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"Oh, you'll love me! And kiss me.."
My step-sister who is the same age as me treats me like garbage. This beauty, admired by everyone around her, shows her true ugly nature only in front of me. But upon learning that she loves me so much that she'd even use hypnosis to make me fall for her, what exactly am I supposed to do!? Shizuku asks for one embarrassing demand after the other while moving a 5-yen coin like a pendulum. As her brother, and as a man, which path should I take.....!?

The crazy hypnosis love-comedy, finally serialised!

Oneshot Raw : https://twitter.com/stylish_tanaka0/status/1309401504546086913
Author's Twitter: https://twitter.com/stylish_tanaka0

20 Chapter(s)
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