Misetagari no Tsuyuno-chan


A little boy who has an armpit fetish and a high school girl who loves male attention and exposing herself so much so that she doesn't care who it is. When she notices that he has stalked her to her basketball game, she decides it wouldn't be bad to indulge him more.

25 Chapter(s)

She was such a brat! I wonder if she would have become a better person if she hadn't gotten splattered across half of the Northern Plains>

Chapter 142 - Legend of the Northern Blade · 2023-01-31T22:35:43Z


Intimidate them into reading awesome manhwa! It's for their own good!

Chapter 142 - Legend of the Northern Blade · 2023-01-31T22:32:27Z


So she’s the jealous type huh

Chapter 119 - Chainsaw Man · 2023-01-31T22:32:13Z


Me when people they don’t read the legend of the northern blade https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Chapter 142 - Legend of the Northern Blade · 2023-01-31T22:31:12Z

Casey Brown

If it even gets to the mastermind behind the bad plans in both timelines.

Chapter 71 - Duke Pendragon · 2023-01-31T22:27:25Z

Brandon Acevedo

If those guys ever learned he went on a Christmas date with the most popular girl in school, they'll never recover.

Chapter 77: That Bastard and an Invitation - My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka · 2023-01-31T22:26:43Z

Casey Brown

It was a frame job. Someone from the group that the bastard with the axe that mc is currently fighting gave a false letter to mc's family to be delivered to the guy they are protecting, in it was false information making mc and his family in the previous timely out to be traitors and this time mc doesn't exist as anything other then Pendragon so it was just his former family this time but it wasn't because he was an actual scumbag (though he could still be) but yeah.

Chapter 71 - Duke Pendragon · 2023-01-31T22:26:36Z


which is probably maybe what I was trying to say at the time, sort of.....
I never really quite know what I was on about a few days after the fact .....

Vinland Saga - Chapter 76 : Orman's Performance - MangaKatana · 2023-01-31T22:19:40Z


From what I understood kynee basically sends whatever the black mana is touching to a fucking shadow realm or something like that.

Chapter 69 - Leveling With The Gods · 2023-01-31T22:19:31Z


Little did Naoya know, Saki is already two - no, three - timing. In fact, if it weren't for Naoya, I have a feeling Saki would have gone the Yuri route on both Nagisa and Shino. And GODDAMM YES! Best girl is finally in the harem!

Chapter 131: Beyond two-timing - Kanojo mo Kanojo · 2023-01-31T22:15:21Z