Midashitai Giya-san to Midarenai Tadamichi

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    Giya the Enticing and Tadamichi the Undisturbable ; Giya who wants to disturb and Tadamichi who cannot be disturbed ; 乱したい戯谷さんと乱れないタダミチ
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    Chapter 18.1
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Giya Ruko is a gyaru girl who is always at odds with the Public Morals Committee rep Shindou Tadamichi because of her tendency to show off too much skin against school regulations. In one instance, she taunts Shindou to just adjust her clothes for her since he's so damn worried about it... which he surprisingly does, with immovable determination and seriousness.

How can she prevail against a boy who'd go through such sincere lengths to preserve her dignity?

21 Chapter(s)

I thought getting stuck countless years at that sand world made him OP
His training arc still not finished yet

Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:13:47Z


Hey3, don't insult Naruto
Only it endless fillers are shit
U should insult Boruto

Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:11:27Z



Chapter 55: S2 START - Villain to Kill · 2022-08-17T07:10:28Z


In that situation I would also save the cat

Chapter 102 - Chainsaw Man · 2022-08-17T07:07:32Z


This is gonna hurt.
In 4-5 chapters, I feel like most people we've met won't be around anymore.
I don't think my heart is prepared for it...

Chapter 13 - Growing Tired of the Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years · 2022-08-17T07:02:37Z

Toonami Tom✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

He said he would help the good one, how would he know which one was good and which was evil? Whats to say shes a criminal? These guys could simply be hunting her down because she likes killing babies.

Chapter 25 - Return of the Bachelor · 2022-08-17T07:02:00Z


bro just looking at that made me hungry

Chapter 35 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-08-17T07:01:05Z


lmaoooooo nice ending, i definitley didnt expect them to have the same name lol

Chapter 15 - Shounen Shoujo (AKATSUKI Akira) · 2022-08-17T07:00:47Z