Mahoromi - Jikuu Kenchiku Genshitan

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    マホロミ ; マホロミ 時空建築幻視譚 ; 时空建筑幻视谭 ; Mahoromi - Jikuu Kensetsu Genshitan
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    Chapter 24
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Niwa, a college student of architecture, is moving into his deceased grandfather's house. He didn't know the man very well, but the house is conveniently close to school, and his grandfather was actually the architect who designed it. There's something unsettling about the house, though, and while he's wandering around, Niwa finds a mysterious old photograph of some girl who isn't his grandmother.

Later, he goes along with his friend Akira to take drawings of another old house that's going to be demolished. As he meanders through this old house, he has a somewhat supernatural and startling experience. Are these feelings and occurrences a result of the souls of the buildings themselves, as Akira suggests? Or is there some even deeper mystery to Niwa's uncanny experiences?

24 Chapter(s)

That Jojo character had like the exact same ability, but ends up getting destroyed by the mc.

Then he has a brother who has the same ability, and gets destroyed again

Chapter 24 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2021-10-19T01:29:01Z


I like who Amo means "Love it" in portuguese, put it above Tits you get a great phrase.

Chapter 22 - Seoul Station Druid · 2021-10-19T01:28:49Z

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come on mario, you must save your princess.


Chapter 111 - Record of the War God · 2021-10-19T01:28:09Z


- October 19th

Chapter 70 - Plunderer · 2021-10-19T01:28:02Z


What? I didn't understand anything because I forgot their names.

Chapter 9: Decoy - Strategic Lovers · 2021-10-19T01:22:55Z


ok but so does some brazilian kid in a gang zone. Like nothin new lmaooo

Chapter 66: Limit - Tougen Anki · 2021-10-19T01:21:59Z


Authors and their horny for Time Skips. GET THE HINT already, time skip make thing worse 300% of the time.
Thanks for the Heads Up. Maybe, one day, when it's finished and I'm hungry, I can binge this to oblivion. If not, never.

Boss in School · 2021-10-19T01:20:26Z