Jungle Juice


Suchan Jang is an extraordinary college student at the top of the social food chain. But underneath the perfect facade, he hides a pair of insect wings that suddenly grew when he used a mysterious bug spray called "Jungle Juice.” Suchan's life crumbles when he bares his wings to the world to save someone's life. When all hope seems lost, Suchan stumbles upon a hidden world of insect humans where everyone is accepted for what they are. But the law of the jungle governs this secret society and all must fend for themselves in order to survive.

42 Chapter(s)

I think the main character is actually the father of the child

Chapter 14: Burial of a Romance - Inu to Kuzu · 2021-09-23T23:25:17Z


Demon Spirit Seed Manual? wasn't that good in my opinion, but here's the link:


Chapter 302 - Yong Heng Zhi Zun · 2021-09-23T23:20:17Z

sloth kelevra

it's time to blow the mind of a master alchemist

Chapter 931: Medicine Garden - Martial Peak · 2021-09-23T23:20:16Z


I don't know anymore they're probably a guy since its not really right for there to be 2 guys and 1 girl in one room

Anz - Chapter 5 - MangaKatana · 2021-09-23T23:20:16Z


Yeah this is WAY better than World's End Harem.. MC is actually pretty good he's doing what he NEEDS to do.

Parallel Paradise - Chapter 11 - MangaKatana · 2021-09-23T23:18:22Z

Grandmaster U. Yi

I already read this in the raws, but I'm reading it in English again since it'd be a waste to not use English after I learned it.

Chapter 113: Be Happy - The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes · 2021-09-23T23:17:27Z

Kiezer Kent Dalisay

wait didnt the girl want to sleep with mc before i think if mc sleep with her that time she will tell mc that its his child

Chapter 10: The Things He Didn't Know About Her - Inu to Kuzu · 2021-09-23T23:12:30Z

sloth kelevra

auction could not be missing in this kind of stories.

Chapter 930: An auction? - Martial Peak · 2021-09-23T23:12:13Z

Grandmaster U. Yi

the purpose of marriage is to bring together two bodies in a sacred ritual to join them for the sake of procreation.

Souls can't make babies. only bodies can.

Chapter 111: Why Go Alone? - The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes · 2021-09-23T23:09:38Z