Itsuka, Kimi ga Tonari de Mezametara



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Really unpredictable plot developments! Hahhah! Love this!

Chapter 1061: Egghead - The Island of the Future - One Piece · 2022-09-25T02:33:37Z

Harry Siestanto

Ooh, so new achievement came with new title. Quick, equip the newer title! Whatever is fine as long as it doesn't have "Balls" in it!

Chapter 80 - Volcanic Age · 2022-09-25T02:31:17Z

Erin Tesden

ALRIGHT. Dropped.
I have seen enough animes of this kind.
Blondie is a annoying bitch.

Chapter 2: Romcoms don't happen even if we have an indirect kiss - No More Love With the Girls · 2022-09-25T02:30:32Z


The guy just wanted a timeout before dying haha

Chapter 59 - The Return of the Crazy Demon · 2022-09-25T02:30:14Z