Iseikai Tensei


Noah, the last survivor from Earth, aims for a new universe on the spaceship that was handed down to him by his mother who was a scientist. What he arrives at is a planet where living things possess magic. When he is out doing field work, he meets a girl who proclaims herself as the demon lord's daughter.

The cyborg youth will traverse a planet full of mysteries in this iseikai sci-fi fantasy.

23 Chapter(s)
Elroid Tiereon

I mean, even now the lil brother is also at risk; that's why he's always on edge.
He's powerful in battle... but he ain't all powerful nor all knowing.

I seem to remember part of the reasons he gave for treating his big brother the way he did was because he was in constant danger himself. Either from people who wanted to use him, or from people who would prefer to keep the power struggle limited to less people.

Well, anyways, my point is that, power balance or not, the relationship these two have is not healthy.
Some might say "but siblings act like this", but that doesn't mean it is healthy, right?

Chapter 54 - The S-Classes That I Raised · 2022-12-09T11:41:10Z


I have a theory, the AI said to not get consumed by the system. You think that the "AI" might be a previous person who had this ability too, but ended up somehow becoming the "AI"?

Chapter 63 - Murim RPG Simulation · 2022-12-09T11:40:34Z

Mildly Concerned

Hmm whatever he's doing right now must be a consumable that carries over the reset, otherwise he would've used it by now.

Chapter 81 - Hero Has Returned · 2022-12-09T11:39:49Z


Well start a riot get a translator to do better bc all those trash generic isekai got translators but here we are as usual with no one to translate the unique stuff

Chapter 26.1 - Maou-sama, Retry! R · 2022-12-09T11:38:25Z


Wolf fangs guild leader is in the scene. But I won't be surprised if neb just sent the wood witch and the guild master just sipping tea again in the guild hall

Chapter 144 - The Game That I Came From · 2022-12-09T11:36:27Z

a guy from cosmos

these stories of side characters makes one see them in another light

Chapter 317: Ep. 317: Jake Kim (End) - Lookism · 2022-12-09T11:35:20Z


Almost like real life, that's what makes this so relatable

Chapter 58 - Is This Hero for Real? · 2022-12-09T11:33:04Z

Kirida Ryūji

It's a shame the anime cut the uphill races, though it makes sense. So I'm here to read the parts the anime cut.

Chapter 204 - Initial D · 2022-12-09T11:32:45Z

Prinny Dood

You literally lost on the first episode
What can you do

Chapter 105: "Such a Wild Child" - Killing Bites · 2022-12-09T11:30:45Z


Hope they will take over by nuking themselves out of this tiny world and laser beaming all those pseudo gods lol.

Chapter 144 - Eternal Club · 2022-12-09T11:30:09Z