Is it Tough Being a Friend?


My first impression of Ryuuga was “This is the kind of protagonist you’d see in something like an anime.” Then, that thought soon changed into conviction.

First of all, this guy almost never talks about his past. Also, he frequently slips out of class. As soon as he comes back, he gets extremely tired, blood comes out from his lips, the sleeves and cuffs of his uniform get torn, and so forth.

Furthermore, there’s always beauties that are surrounding Ryuuga. The one who’s like an idol within the school, Yukimiya Shiori. The cool expert of the sword, Aogasaki Rei. The mysterious transfer student, Elmira McCartney. It’s very tiring for me when these people appear in front of Ryuuga. I have to frantically make a fuss by saying things like “Hey Ryuga! How did you get acquainted with Yukimiya!”, “Why did the beautiful swordswoman Aogasaki come to the classroom to specifically meet Ryuga?!”, or “Elmira! What is it that you see in Ryuga!”

… So why am I doing this? That’s because I, Kobayashi Ichirou, am a pro at being a friend.

My life’s calling is to support Hinomori Ryuuga, the protagonist amongst protagonists, as a close friend character.

Let the curtains open for the rom-com presented by co-starring best friend, Kobayashi Ichirou!

20 Chapter(s)
C O C 0 N U T

sorry to disappoint you no one going to die in this fight
well, except for Supil Kang father of Sucheon. But that is for later

Chapter 127: Episode 127 - Eleceed · 2021-09-24T00:45:26Z


Is kinda related to me. Seen I was high school I don't have any friends(I mean true friends)they just talk to me ask something or doing their favor but when I ask them just a little favor they didn't give damn about it so the only friend was my drawing were I can I express my feelings in my drawing so I quite related to sumire chan

Chapter 9: Sumire, Part 2 - Hanazono Twins · 2021-09-24T00:45:16Z


But the duchess made the magic circle that allowed her to travel to the past. He somehow got send to the past by accident. As if her magic affected him also, which might explain why he suddenly became so obsesed with her.

Chapter 67 - The Villainess Lives Twice · 2021-09-24T00:43:24Z

Trevor Wellington

For someone who earned the title of strongest he has a real weak will.

Chapter 37 - Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan · 2021-09-24T00:43:07Z


For now I only have two gripes with this story.
I feel that more people would've picked up a card than... 5 or 6 in the school. And how stereotypical and comically evil those guys are, specially when it feels so unnecessary. It feels like "it has to happen this way so my MC has his own group" instead of it flowing more naturally, as for now it looks like the author is just making other people seem worse so that our MC looks better by comparison.
I did like how the other guy found a way to be more than just comedic relief. Hopefully these problems I have with the story start to dwindle down as it goes on, and it becomes a good thing to look forward to.

Chapter 7 - The Only Necromancer · 2021-09-24T00:41:25Z


I can say the same for you since he stated it took about a week lol

Chapter 10 - Lonely Attack on a Different World · 2021-09-24T00:35:34Z

Advocate Paradox

Dolla dolla dolla signs all I see is dolla signs.

Chapter 34 - Solo Spell Caster · 2021-09-24T00:35:25Z