I'm the Guild Receptionist, but Since I Don't Want to Work Overtime, I Think I'll Just Solo the Boss

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    ギルドの受付嬢ですが、残業は嫌なのでボスをソロ討伐しようと思います ; Guild no Uketsukejou Desu ga, Zangyou wa Iya Nanode Boss wo Solo Toubatsu Shiyou to Omoimasu ; I'm a Guild Receptionist, but I Hate Overtime So I'm Going to Slay the Boss Solo
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    Chapter 21
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“It’s safe because it’s a desk job, super stable because it’s public work!” But what awaits Alina, who has become a guild receptionist, is a far from what she had in mind. And it’s all because of the adventurers inability to conquer dungeons! Having reached her limit, Alina sets out to defeat the boss herself, hammer in hand…

21 Chapter(s)