A transfer student who's also secret writer and has a crush on a classmate lookalike who happens to be an artists team up together.

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You gotta admit that firing laser beams from your fists gotta be one of the manliest ways of showing affection.

Chapter 138: Fabiniku Ojisan And The Shape Of Desire - Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to · 2023-02-03T07:31:33Z


Damn rikio is chad kissing the girl in the middle is the battle
And the heck is wrong with the elf she already kissed rikio by the lake but now she saying i can't marry anymore then what was the first kiss was trial lol

Chapter 17.2: Queen, Dance On The Water Surface (Part 2) - Argate online · 2023-02-03T07:29:40Z


ok now it is interesting, not just another 3 chapter of random case

Chapter 1106: The Sharp-eyed Devil - Detective Conan · 2023-02-03T07:28:50Z


well then maybe next time tell ur stupid guards to chill the fuck out and not act as if they were gonna arrest the them instead of staying quite =_= also Ussop right its all dummy Sanji own fault this happened

One Piece - Chapter 609 : Adventure on Fishman Island - MangaKatana · 2023-02-03T07:27:21Z

Sage Smith

THIS is god damned 24-carat Gold grade wholesome story.
read it. the feels are worth it.

Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten · 2023-02-03T07:26:37Z


Yeah, Natsume wouldn't accept a piggyback ride, anyway.

Gakuen Alice - Chapter 39 : Tormenting Secrets - MangaKatana · 2023-02-03T07:26:27Z


So i think the knights were talking about before was probably the same thing the dragon loly is talking about

Chapter 17.1: Queen, Dance On The Water Surface (Part 1) - Argate online · 2023-02-03T07:25:14Z

Woomy Nation

Hello, I'm from another month in the future, I'm in 12th grade stressing about the same things

Chapter 1 - Make way, Meiou-sama Coming Through! · 2023-02-03T07:24:46Z

Sage Smith

while it is progressing, the invisible wall that is "No R-18"
keeps it from going any further than "handholding" and "marriage" or god forbid "kissing"
protagonist is however, not as dense as i feared he would be.
yes, lovely story im sure, but i will stop reading it looking elsewhere

Chapter 1: Undine of the Desert World - Undine of the Desert World · 2023-02-03T07:24:29Z


hitting on a pregnant woman? shame on you Shuang!!!!

Chapter 511 - Cultivation Chat Group · 2023-02-03T07:23:26Z