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Was released in doujinshi format by Imitation Crystal, consisting of short volumes split into several parts.

33 Chapter(s)

Yeah after reading legend of northern blade I had i hopes for this one too as same author but ever since mc transform into more feminine form i am not enjoying as much much as I enjoyed its earlier chapters. If mc looks does not change i am planning to drop this. For me i prefer mc manly not with ass and boobs.

Chapter 30 - Reaper of the Drifting Moon · 2023-01-30T08:44:57Z

Brandon Heat

really? looks like she give a lot of fucks to me tho...

Chapter 20 - The Lady Wants to Rest · 2023-01-30T08:44:50Z


Fate of the main protagonist

Chapter 21 - Relife Player · 2023-01-30T08:34:32Z


so yeah his title of deafeating an entire gang just to kill a pickpocket is gone now. this akira is not that crazy. but i still read

Chapter 42 - Rebuild World · 2023-01-30T08:33:00Z