Futago no ane ga miko toshite hikitorarete, watashi wa suterareta kedo tabun watashi ga miko de aru

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    My twin sister was taken as a miko and I was thrown away but I'm probably the miko. ; Мою сестру-близнеца приняли как Мико, а меня бросили, но может, это я была Мико ; 双子の姉が神子として引き取られて、私は捨てられたけど多分私が神子である。 ; 쌍둥이 언니가 무녀로 거둬져서, 나는 버려졌지만 아무래도 내가 무녀인 듯하다
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    Chapter 22.1
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Lerunda has always been treated unfairly, constantly compared to her twin sister, whose personality is bright and beautiful. One day Lerunda was thrown away into the forest, abandoned by her parents when her sister was taken over to the Great Temple as a child...
In disappointment, the strongest monster Griffon in the forest and a Sky Horse helped her lonely person...

Alternative Raw: ComicWalker

41 Chapter(s)
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