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    @bot chapter 45 is missing

    Houkago wa Kissaten de · 2022-12-05T08:16:11Z

    Boromir Thefreeman

    don't worry, at the phase is going the manga, probably 3-4 years until hilarious harem, not even the translated novel reached that part

    Chapter 5 - Damn Reincarnation · 2022-12-05T08:11:07Z

    anime freak

    i wanted to say the samme but you were here 9 months before me sooo yea

    Chapter 70 - Doctor’s Rebirth · 2022-12-05T08:10:24Z


    you F****D it up by adding obama.

    Chapter 50 - Saihate no Paladin · 2022-12-05T08:10:02Z


    I like how he respects his will power but doesn't even wait till he starts since he knows it'll take more than just that
    https://uploads.disquscdn.c... https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 59 - Kaiju No. 8 · 2022-12-05T08:07:40Z

    Kirida Ryūji

    I also believe there are only the 3 sexes possible we've found biologically (male, female, intersex) and it is biologically impossible to change that (yet?). However I believe that if someone wants to change their gender identity, and it makes them happier, then by all means let them. It's a whole new world for them to explore that many people don't, and it's hella brave to act like the opposite sex despite being assigned an unchangeable sex from birth.

    I'm cis, and I'm not LGBT, but I don't think I'm any more "important" than those people, because there is a population crisis, the more people who can't reproduce naturally with their partner, the better (also leads to more adoptions and such, which would improve kid's lives). And it also increases diversity and culture, although the simple matter of being different than the norm is enough to make people pointlessly hate you for some reason? Your an anime-manga fan, we suffered through shit just 5 years ago before it all started being accepted, now as an adult, I don't care if people hate me, but I still was bullied back in school when anime wasn't so mainstream. Just imagine how much more horrible people feel, being hated for no reason just because they like and do things differently from you. It's just much easier to either not care, or just support them so you can let them have their happiness rather than making them feel like shit because..... You just don't gel with it? Wait, that's it? No gay person murdered your family? It's just so simple as your a discriminatory jerk who gets off on making others feel terrible? Seriously, grow up.

    At the very least, keep it to yourself. If you can't make people happy, at least don't make them sad. Oh, and good luck finding a job and partner with that mindset. The horrible depression and grind of Adult life is much easier to hate, than you do LGBT.

    Chapter 35 - I turned my childhood friend (♂) into a girl · 2022-12-05T08:06:29Z

    Som Eone

    One simping the lil sis, one unknowingly simping the big sis 🙃

    Chapter 98: The moon - Nan Hao & Shang Feng · 2022-12-05T08:04:59Z