Cosmic Censorship


The future cannot be changed! In 2019, former track and field club member Maki Makino meets a mysterious man with sunglasses on her way to school who saves her life. That encounter connects her to her past and future... Presented with overwhelming power, a 'boy meets girl' story opens here with unpredictable results!

29 Chapter(s)

Can't edit this but gonna add more.

The manhwa is not properly showing the level of power/skills of mc. Sometimes he'd struggle on something easier than what he did before. Like he actually fought a dungeon boss by himself, then suddenly is struggling on carrying weights.

Still gonna continue reading tho, got nothing else better to do.

Honestly, my review barely matters. It is just to give an idea of the manga you're going into. If it's bad for other it might be good for you, so don't entire judge a manga/manhwa by title, comments and description. Go through a few chapters and see if you'd like that manga

I Became a Part Time Employee for Gods · 2023-04-01T22:32:51Z


Maybe the chinese witch? His former comrad

Chapter 48 - Superhuman Battlefield · 2023-04-01T22:30:42Z


And since he is a puppet originally, then it can be used against that cockroach of an old man, which in turn creates more plausible opportunity for all the five demons constitution to be his ally with most of the geniuses of this generation against the heavenly demon, and I am hyped for it. First though, I would like to see the old man monk's face when everything is against him. XD

Chapter 143 - Infinite Leveling: Murim · 2023-04-01T22:28:25Z


Christ. He is comically villainous. No nuance. No cleverness. This guy should just grow a twirly mustache, plop on a monocle and cackle at this point.

Chapter 27 - I Became a Part Time Employee for Gods · 2023-04-01T22:26:41Z


so he is tryna kill the kakerou with that coffee

Chapter 187.5: Volume 17 Side Story - Usogui · 2023-04-01T22:25:23Z

Burning Phoenix

[ Welcome to how turn your enemy spy into ally spy ]

Chapter 87 - Bring the Love · 2023-04-01T22:23:44Z

Mustached babacon reviewer


Chapter 58 - Eternal Club · 2023-04-01T22:23:29Z


It's such a unique idea of the dungeons being made by gods. But it's ruined by adding in cliches villains and plots. As well as mc having inconsistent personality, and they won't go indepth of how powerful he is.

Also during the strength test, did they copy the Saitama scene from one punch man? Carry lots of weight, hit lots of wack a mole and running...

Chapter 27 - I Became a Part Time Employee for Gods · 2023-04-01T22:23:00Z


And the next chapter of "I obtained a mythic item" too please @Bot ;-)

The Secret of the Partner Next to You · 2023-04-01T22:20:37Z


Honestly, I don't think that's the case. If she did, then she'd leave the mass murderer and chill with her witch friends, and break the curse on his family line a few generations down. She has all the time in the world.

Chapter 40 - Bon Appétit! · 2023-04-01T22:19:52Z


o welp anyway.......can the goddes whipe out this country out of the map already?

Chapter 47 - Dad is a Hero, Mom is a Spirit, I'm a Reincarnator · 2023-04-01T22:18:59Z


Managed to sneak in a drug onto the copse somehow

Chapter 27 - I Became a Part Time Employee for Gods · 2023-04-01T22:18:54Z


So this clown can rig the test while everyone's watching cuz ???

Chapter 27 - I Became a Part Time Employee for Gods · 2023-04-01T22:17:52Z