Brother and Sister Doing What They Really Want to Do

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    兄と妹のしたいしたいしたいコト ; Ani to Imouto no Shitai Shitai Shitai Koto ; Shishishiko ; Брат и сестра делают то, что действительно хотят ; Брат та Сестра й дійсно витворяють усе, що в голову взбреде ; 오빠와 여동생이 하고 싶은 하고 싶은 하고 싶은 것
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    Chapter 18
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Moriyama Kouta was once an unsuccessful adult manga artist. Due to lack of popularity, he was even on the verge of going out of business.
But one day he became a very popular author with vividly realistic and charming portrayal of his heroines.
The reason for the sudden change in style was that Kouta has taken his younger sister Shizuku as his model......?!

23 Chapter(s)
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