Atom - The Beginning


Tells the story of what happened up until the birth of Astro Boy. Essentially an "episode 0" for Tetsuwan Atom.

48 Chapter(s)
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Of course the quest to resurrect HCLW is a gambling game

Chapter 303: [Season 2] Ep. 120 - Hardcore Leveling Warrior · 2021-11-27T21:08:22Z

Brandon Acevedo

This could be a misdirection. like when we thought Aoyama was a spy when he looked at Deku through his window. Hagakure could be looking at the traitor as AFO was talking about having a friend.

Chapter 335: Fledgling - Boku no Hero Academia · 2021-11-27T21:08:21Z

Dagny kitai

Your last meme, thank you very much.I am also hitting the like button. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Chapter 31 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2021-11-27T21:03:59Z


Ofc he is a fkin idiot he left his followers who are extremely loyal to him and made a veeeery selfish decision that is so dam wrong for a ruler or a leader .
Like imagine ur a guild or clan or legion leader where ur subordinates are people who u earned their trust by favours (that gave them new lives or family ) and all of a sudden u just tell them : " ight imma head out".
Just because some brain damaged and blind humans didnt like u and are picking a fight with u

Chapter 15: Proof of Loyalty - Mamono wo Shitagaeru "Teiin" wo Motsu Tensei Kenjya~ Katsute no Maho to Jyuma de Hissori Saikyo no Bokensha ninaru~ · 2021-11-27T21:03:54Z


Oh no someone pleas save his virginity

Chapter 44 - Daddy Goes to School · 2021-11-27T21:00:45Z



Chapter 245 - Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen · 2021-11-27T20:59:31Z

Brandon Acevedo

With all this hype and build up to God, I just hope he would be an actual challenge to Saitama. And not just end up just another "PUNCH" line.

Chapter 153 - Onepunch-Man · 2021-11-27T20:57:52Z