Aroma-chan wa Konya mo Hazukashii


Succubus Aroma-chan is so shy, will not really, but she can't confess to the person she likes!
"Then, what if I just invade Yuuma-kun's dream and seduce him...?"
Tonight, an ero-dream that cannot be seen by other people begin!

12 Chapter(s)

should just say "my blood is boiling" rather than "i feel hatred". but same shit, different sentence

Chapter 1: Zugwang - Strategic Lovers · 2021-10-19T01:41:45Z


i fuckn knew it, but i didn’t want it to be true 🥲🥲 (that was my exact reaction)

Chapter 50 - Updater · 2021-10-19T01:41:24Z


Maybe It's gonna show that the one girl is coming for them

Chapter 68 - The Live · 2021-10-19T01:39:25Z


Yeah don't make that fall in love bullshit justify the rape

Chapter 70 - The Villainess Lives Twice · 2021-10-19T01:34:41Z


That right or left scene was a Jojo reference


Literally the exact same scenario occurs in the anime.

From the peace and gambling skill to the guess which I'll hit you with.

Chapter 25 - I Grow Stronger By Eating! · 2021-10-19T01:34:40Z