A Story About a Very Ordinary Couple


Continuation of A Story About a Man and a Woman and When They Sleep Together, Money Appears Out of Nowhere posted by the author on pixiv.

22 Chapter(s)

Why did MC walk halfway down this secret path, meet 2 ppl then go right back out?

Chapter 55 - Worthless Regression · 2023-01-28T16:20:08Z

anime freak

did you know that people live 1/3 of there live sleeping about 28 years

Chapter 130 - Medical Return · 2023-01-28T16:19:40Z

Space Whest

That fishing demon reminded me of the guys in majora's mask that stop the moon

Chapter 210: Offering to the Unknown ② - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2023-01-28T16:18:44Z


finally they meet the ex-lover and the future lover LOL

Chapter 57 - Swordmaster’s Youngest Son · 2023-01-28T16:14:38Z


So ....... Um i still don't get the plot

Chapter 2 - Let's Hide My Little Brother · 2023-01-28T16:12:59Z


how long are they gonna keep the misunderstanding, until the end of the series?

Chapter 90: A New Lineup - Goddess Café Terrace · 2023-01-28T16:12:45Z


"A moment of valor shines brightest against a backdrop of despair"

Chapter 32 - I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game · 2023-01-28T16:12:05Z


I hope MC realizes that he completely jinxed this battle. He should just raise the other death flags and be done with it.

Chapter 30 - I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game · 2023-01-28T16:11:49Z