A Hero Trained by the Most Evil Demon King is Unrivaled in the Academy of Returnees from Another World

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    Saikyou no Maou ni Kitaerareta Yuusha, Isekai Kikansha-tachi no Gakuen de Musou Suru ; 最凶の魔王に鍛えられた勇者、異世界帰還者たちの学園で無双する ; Saikyou no Maou ni Kitaerareta Yuusha Isekai Kikanshatati no Gakuen de Musou Suru ; A brave man trained by the worst demon king, unrivaled in the school of returnees from another world
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    Chapter 5
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Without possessing the unique skill blessed by the goddess, a boy named Kujou Kyouya failed to save the world. He was ridiculed as a “failed hero” at the interdimensional-level academy where returned heroes who had saved many worlds gathered. However, he became the strongest and most unique hero, having trained for 30,000 years in another world with the most evil demon king, Felice, who has destroyed 3,000 worlds! Now Kyouya’s unique skill is so powerful that he cannot even be defeated by the strongest heroes! The legend of a boy trained by the most evil demon king, begins!

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cardan greenbriar

Don't get me wrong, I hate this guy so frickin' much, but damn is he fine

Chapter 61 - A False Confession · 2022-10-02T00:59:32Z

Constellation: [life & death]

i try then when i space out for a sec i dont get a thing soo yea

Chapter 18 - Cultivator Against Hero Society · 2022-10-02T00:54:01Z

Richard Howell

After just reading the description... it sounds like silence of the lambs....

Murdist: Shikeishuu Kazami Tazuru · 2022-10-02T00:47:30Z

Chun ∞ω∞

no no she's not a souls character, nor does she have what makes one... also she's not some battle veteran nor does she have some sort of cheat(whether knowledge or skill)

Chapter 30: Training and One's Pride - A Boy Who Has Been Reincarnated Twice Spends Peacefully as an S-Rank Adventurer, ~ I who was a Sage and a Hero of Previous World, Will Live in Peacefullness i... · 2022-10-02T00:46:24Z