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    Ruslie Jonson

    Why did the MC always tell that these disease is not from this world when what he experience from the very beginning is coming from temple of heroes where it's impossible to have a sickness because they are soul?

    Chapter 63 - The Max Level Hero Has Returned! · 2021-10-25T23:47:57Z


    Sorry to hear that, I got your message somehow. TruePurple and that other one are still here.

    Chapter 4.2 - Welcome to the Special Idiosyncrasy Classroom · 2021-10-25T23:44:40Z


    Was thinking more about that barbarian perk? Power? That cuts damage in half or was it 1/3rd? I don't remember. Been years.

    Chapter 26: Named Item - Tensei Shitara Ken deshita · 2021-10-25T23:44:31Z


    If Shin had done that, no doubt the two fugwits that hated it would've started screaming "Demon Lord" 3 seconds into Shin's magical frowns..
    Letting Grandma kick butt should do.

    Chapter 38 - Kenja no Mago · 2021-10-25T23:41:16Z


    Looks like I just got banned off Is-scans, dicks-us gives me a "you are yeeted, mofo" redbox there now.

    Chapter 4.2 - Welcome to the Special Idiosyncrasy Classroom · 2021-10-25T23:39:41Z


    I happened to notice this in the recent comment section, and I also happen to like these genres sooooo…

    • The Lady and the Beast (Josei, manhwa)
    • A Capable Maid (Shoujo, manhwa)
    • Father, I don't want to get married (Josei, manhwa)
    • Untouchable Lady (neither tag but it's similar to Josei, manhwa)
    • An Hour of Romance (Josei, manhwa)
    • How to be a dark hero's daughter (shoujo, manhwa)
    • The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes (Josei, manhwa)
    • Days of Hana (Shoujo, manhwa, tragedy-- I'm just still hung up over it; it's really friggin sad. Shoujo takes the back burner compared to the other tags)
    • Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai (Shoujo, manga)
    • It Seems Like I Got Reincarnated Into The World of a Yandere Otome Game (shoujo, manga)
    • A Wicked Tale of Cinderella's Stepmom (Josei, manhwa)
    • Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki (shoujo, manga)
    • Paperbag-kun Is in Love (Josei, manga, diabetes)
    • Please Save My Husband [Shoujo (but a bit closer to josei to me), manhwa]

    Sousei no Taiga - MangaKatana · 2021-10-25T23:39:21Z


    And you took your shoes off an e'erythang. I guess pretty please woulda worked too.

    Chapter 11 - Return of the Mount Hua Sect · 2021-10-25T23:37:48Z