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    Bigger pp guy takes the girl

    Chapter 18 - I Love You, Miki! · 2022-01-21T17:30:28Z


    Well the first experience is usually the most painful and the hardness of the Weapon depends on the person, 😉

    Chapter 1 - Let's be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ · 2022-01-21T17:28:53Z


    yh theyre putting way too much trust into someone who only likes them because they have decent stats and background. The moment their other teammate tried to become more friendly with mc, he, essentially, cut her off. Not only that, but mc has the gall to act like he is a reliable person when he can't even talk to his teammates properly

    if the teammates weren't dumb, everyone would be gone like blue hair.

    Chapter 17 - MEMORIZE · 2022-01-21T17:28:20Z


    Sun Jing is literally the coolest.

    Tamen De Gushi - Chapter 47 - MangaKatana · 2022-01-21T17:26:08Z


    "Damn, now I'm about to cry." Well, im already crying so join the club

    Chapter 81: A Tidal Wave To Soothe the Heart - Sweat and Soap · 2022-01-21T17:26:05Z


    Nahy, the doll practice liked plagiarism "junk head" chracters ( ゚Д゚)?

    Chapter 13 - Hoarding in Hell · 2022-01-21T17:25:47Z

    Eren Jeager✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    yeah i thought about that too like maybe his sister was one of her victims and requested her to look out for brother nah that's not possible or maybe she's also a serial killer and was friends with the mc's sister or maybe the murdist is his sister herself man i don't know where I am going with my theories need more chapter for more accurate theories so let's wait for the upcoming chapters.

    Chapter 3: Displayer - Murdist: Shikeishuu Kazami Tazuru · 2022-01-21T17:25:24Z


    I find big breast(above E-F) quite disgusting as it almost looks like they'll fall off the woman's chest.

    And my ex's are below C(breast size) but they're tall, cute, smart and very violent(she used to pinch my arm so much. Fck why did I even thought of commenting this, now I miss them so much) and that's my type.

    Chapter 11: Class I File - I'm Really Not the Evil God's Lackey · 2022-01-21T17:23:48Z