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    Which ones have you read? I only know this and "Journey to the west"

    Chapter 468: Ep. 468 - The God of High School · 2022-12-07T19:35:43Z


    I thought you were different Ayumu, I'm disappointed

    Chapter 180: The 180th Move - Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru · 2022-12-07T19:34:50Z


    Can we stick to one flashback at a time?

    Chapter 468: Ep. 468 - The God of High School · 2022-12-07T19:34:26Z


    Hahahaha What do you mean die? Who can capture him? A God? He teleports super fast.

    Chapter 74 - The Book Eating Magician · 2022-12-07T19:31:40Z

    anime freak

    worst part he said he would slash her neck to give her credit but never slashed her neck

    Chapter 1 - A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money · 2022-12-07T19:30:03Z

    Heavenly demon

    lost in chapters so gonna re read. thank youuuu so much

    Onepunch-Man - MangaKatana · 2022-12-07T19:29:18Z


    He is just protecting his interests and position. Can't say he's bad to the core.

    Chapter 94 - The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch · 2022-12-07T19:27:10Z


    While it's getting a tad tedious at the moment overall i'm quite enjoying this story

    Chapter 11 - Henkyou Gurashi no Maou, Tensei shite Saikyou no Majutsushi ni naru · 2022-12-07T19:27:06Z


    ngl I don't know what made me so enticed when I originally started reading this. I was so engrossed I even started reading the Ln. Anyway I'll say that this is a shitshow. The story repeats itself with no variation in how things happen. The MC is an arrogant douche who pretty much never gets humbled and is also a complete idiot. he acts as if he doesn't deserve to be looked down upon, but honestly he does. He's been in the magic world for a little over 10 years and he has a job hunting demon creatures yet he doesn't even know some of the most basic info when it comes to hunting them. He's also a sex fiend but not in the funny way like Kazuma from Konosuba or Sanji. Dude legit had to hold himself back from having thoughts about an 11 year old girl after seeing her underwear on accident. Every time he sees beautiful women they need to go into detail on how beautiful they are. In the LN the guy constantly talks about wanting to assault any beautiful girls he sees but holds himself back so he can be seen as the hero. Author doesn't know if he wants the mc to be the hero or the villain of the story. I think the author was trying to make a MC similar to how Luffy or Goku is. The loveable yet dumb type whose intelligence only shows in battle but failed miserably.

    Conclusion, I wouldn't recommend reading this. maybe if you need something to kill time or you're bored. Even then I'd recommend reading the LN cuz the art is so ass

    Versatile Mage - MangaKatana · 2022-12-07T19:24:29Z