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    Bruh's a struggling art student, and you work at a casual restraunt with large portions. Give him a discount/food on the house. He'll never leave you u3u

    Chapter 22: Unexpected Romance?! Art Festival Pt. 2 - Hirayasumi · 2022-12-01T17:44:46Z


    Cursed black boxes, after curse the white light of censorship we have to curse the black box of censorship... yin and yang together for prevent us to see interesting things... why...

    Chapter 22.2: Family Time (2) - The Cursed Sword Master’s Harem Life: By the Sword, For the Sword, Cursed Sword Master · 2022-12-01T17:42:14Z


    cheap villains don't deserve the cool eye streak

    Chapter 8 - Teihen Ryoushu No Kanchigai Eiyuutan · 2022-12-01T17:41:33Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    Alien: …okay dude…you’re getting it in the anal probe…


    (plays Ultra Q theme)

    Chapter 10: A message received from the Martian frontier - Short Horror Stories · 2022-12-01T17:40:18Z


    Well I like that the fight is over. R.I.P. disposable characters who were introduced as wolf fodder.

    Chapter 78: Revelation. - The Reincarnated Inferior Magic Swordsman · 2022-12-01T17:38:04Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    it’s cursed

    (plays Ultra Q theme)

    Short Horror Stories · 2022-12-01T17:35:57Z


    "It seems you can teleport, but can you dodge a bullet?!" LOL...

    Chapter 141 - Eternal Club · 2022-12-01T17:35:27Z