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    It's Tia's main character buff to run into Angenas so randomly like this

    Chapter 97: Riding Lessons - I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life · 2023-03-22T12:53:38Z

    Som Eone

    I honestly can't relate on how people in this kind of manhwa is okay with being celibate for long period of time when they have a legal spouse to do the deed and doing mutually beneficial deal? 🥲

    Chapter 51 - For My Derelict Favorite · 2023-03-22T12:49:42Z


    Oh crap i'm already caught up ... not fair

    Chapter 9 - Saijo no Osewa · 2023-03-22T12:48:48Z


    why is he still wet? dude dry yourself first

    Chapter 78 - The Villainess Is a Marionette · 2023-03-22T12:47:37Z

    Scotch flimsy

    That grenade's fuse is shorter than a man pulling a trigger.

    Chapter 7 - Crazy Food Truck · 2023-03-22T12:44:36Z


    I thought he'd leave em alone. Guess not

    Chapter 3 - Drug-Eating Genius Mage · 2023-03-22T12:40:33Z

    kili sloe

    His highly strong mental strength, makes sure he doesn't feel guilt for killing.

    Chapter 3 - Drug-Eating Genius Mage · 2023-03-22T12:38:07Z

    Normal Soup

    so guts just want to be treated as Griffith's friend... sadge

    Berserk - Chapter 35: The Morning Departure (2) - MangaKatana · 2023-03-22T12:36:40Z

    Kaim the Fang Enjoyer

    this man really isn't in a hurry at all to get his revenge

    Chapter 14 - The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero · 2023-03-22T12:28:18Z