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    Wasn't one of the people that trained him? Maybe she teach him how to be make woman fall in love with him? She look like a succubus so maybe

    Chapter 64 - Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri · 2021-12-04T19:42:16Z


    I know those boobs are just fillers but it's fine for me to imagine that they're filled with dreams and hopes of humanity

    Chapter 22: A Crossdressing Boy Messes Up - A Boy That Can't Stop Crossdressing · 2021-12-04T19:41:32Z


    I think this is the 3rd or 4th reboot with different art and different story. The start of all of them are very similar though.

    Tanaka ~Nenrei Equal Kanojo Inaireki no Mahoutsukai~ · 2021-12-04T19:39:50Z


    Ruru is a little... childish but I like her (or him??) and I want her back...

    Chapter 32 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2021-12-04T19:39:39Z

    Sir Him

    Kind of a waste of a chapter trying to make us feel bad for a monster. Makes her killing him less satisfying.

    Chapter 90: Episode 90 (Series Finale) - White Blood · 2021-12-04T19:39:24Z

    Dicky Dyan Nugraha

    Ok calm down u need clear it one by one,dont overthink it daddy

    Chapter 6 - My Daughter Is a Musical Genius · 2021-12-04T19:38:31Z


    Indeed. Remembers back to some obscure, irrelevant lore about a lake in this area known for having a certain fish called the "dick nibbler" and shudders. ; ; ;

    Chapter 36: Playing in the Water - Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyou Shuzoku Nekomimi Shojo to Deau · 2021-12-04T19:36:57Z