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    I fear we're being cursed with partial chapters. There's that -1 tacked onto the chapter name/number and there's no 'End.' text box.

    Chapter 23: Chapter 23-1 - I'm Not The Hero! · 2023-01-28T16:38:37Z


    I was understanding that kiddo's pov in the previous chapter, but still he didn't take responsibility himself, and when others did it, he just comes back to punish them as if they did it wrong without fully understanding the circumstances. But mad respect for that old man!

    Chapter 238 - Volcanic Age · 2023-01-28T16:38:21Z


    Like these guards could surveil Anna's work, I'm sure they'd have no clue about what she's doing even if Anna did it in front of them.

    Chapter 398 - Release That Witch · 2023-01-28T16:37:57Z


    You already met the boss lol i think

    Chapter 8 - Let's Hide My Little Brother · 2023-01-28T16:37:21Z


    No she is wrong.
    She said:

    "I see, so it's just a research facility... and those guards belong to the King rather than Anna?

    "protection? more like surveillance"

    Those guards are 100% there to protect the witches and their research, they aren't surveilling anyone.

    Chapter 398 - Release That Witch · 2023-01-28T16:36:54Z


    I can remember quite clearly the Vision Thorfinn had of Valhalla, where Askeladd saved him from the dead dragging him down into it,
    It did not look like a happy place.

    Chapter 190: Talking About Ragnarok - Vinland Saga · 2023-01-28T16:35:52Z


    read this, it’s good so far

    Pick Me Up! · 2023-01-28T16:35:04Z


    Overart, I think. Feels very randomly thrown in though.

    Chapter 23: Chapter 23-1 - I'm Not The Hero! · 2023-01-28T16:35:04Z


    yeah, intresting for a manhua. i will keep reading untill they drop the ball i guess. if they dont thats a win for us readers if they do well wont be disappointed if i expected nothing i guess.

    Chapter 2: Fierce Fight - Beyond the Sky · 2023-01-28T16:31:49Z


    Well i mean it's a BL so i don't think he need to ask

    Chapter 5 - Let's Hide My Little Brother · 2023-01-28T16:28:35Z


    pretty sure this one's gonna be the same wahahaha fmc already too attached

    Saijo no Osewa · 2023-01-28T16:26:53Z