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    aw even in evil cycle he took a family picture with them when he saw his grandpa sad

    Chapter 61.5: EXTRA - Mairimashita! Iruma-kun · 2022-12-03T09:02:00Z


    oh yea his old shitty family never let him go to school so im sure it must be hard getting a grasp on studying

    Chapter 61: A Future To Look Forward Too - Mairimashita! Iruma-kun · 2022-12-03T08:58:07Z

    Takayuki Furuichi

    almost all major religions dictate you to hurt others if certain condition are not met

    Chapter 109 - Get Schooled · 2022-12-03T08:57:00Z

    Scoop Monarch

    His damn sandals are about to cease existing

    Chapter 139 - Lightning Degree · 2022-12-03T08:56:26Z

    Thatch Netherfold

    Though to be fair, Nie Li stashed almost everything in the painting, so if he dies, the treasures will all still stick with him back at the temple. His loss will only be the Blood Demon Sacrifice which is pacted to his physical body, and a small part of his cultivation level.

    While for Wu Yazi? He'll take the WORST L if he killed Nie Li on the spot, but he will actually benefit if Nie Li got out of there alive. The problem is that he does not know why he will lose by doing so. And Nie Li's trying to create a situation where he'll at least understand that he's better alive than dead without letting him know about the painting.

    Chapter 407.5 - Tales of Demons and Gods · 2022-12-03T08:53:19Z


    Im going a smidge darker my guess is if she didnt feel better or just like before after their date she would've commit suicide. Chances are, if it went super well and she was over the moon, she might've done it too. She doesn't want to go home cause rn, she can't trust herself to be alone after the backlash she's gonna expect from having too many good things happen too soon. ysee with mentally unstable people who have no where to go, when they retreat inwards they tend to believe how much happier everyone would be without them

    Chapter 15 - When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken · 2022-12-03T08:51:45Z

    Holy Loli

    hell nah, man... i just hope she's becoming like that because they're separated and her life isn't that good

    Chapter 15 - When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken · 2022-12-03T08:50:59Z