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    lol, USA bunnies are hobbits!

    Chapter 15 - Cat Shit One '80 · 2022-01-28T23:10:30Z

    Sam karma

    I wish a long and healthy life to the retarded genius who comes up with these ideas

    Chapter 111 - Lonely Attack on a Different World · 2022-01-28T23:09:59Z


    Okay, i get it, that girl is actually a sociopath, she doesn't have emotion due to her past trauma but she was taught what "Right" is, such as, not killing family, and don't kill people, so she was taught that you shouldn't kill family no matter what so she thought that it was wrong for Do Gim to kill his uncle. she doesn't know what emotions are so she just assumed that do gim was the bad guy because she doesn't pick up on the nuances of life. That is why she stopped him from killing his uncle and stopped young from killing do gim. Tats my thoughts on it anyway. you can see that she doesn't really have emotion or cant pick up on social ques.

    Gosu - Chapter 51 : Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (16) - MangaKatana · 2022-01-28T23:09:34Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Hmm yes communication with animals
    Damn 'communication' is a long word to spell

    Chapter 12: Fell into the Tiger's Den! - Picked Up A Little Fox · 2022-01-28T23:08:16Z


    what kind of gosu cant stop that

    Chapter 9 - The Strongest Ever · 2022-01-28T23:07:14Z

    max colgate

    good thing i use lip balm, god it was bad when i didnt

    Chapter 87 - Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband · 2022-01-28T23:07:09Z

    Magnus Ludicarum

    these guys are talking like they've been in this new world for a while, long enough to develop their abilities... even though it could only have been at most a few hours. Whats with that?

    Chapter 1 - The Other World Doesn't Stand A Chance Against The Power Of Instant Death. · 2022-01-28T23:04:42Z