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    Just there thoughts is enough to satisfy degens XD

    Chapter 20 - Ojou-sama wa Love Come no Shujinkou ni Naritai! · 2021-12-04T16:23:25Z


    Fake news. Also, I think Stonetoss is made by only one guy.

    Chapter 95 - Murim Login · 2021-12-04T16:22:44Z


    Hehey, being gay is pretty good you know.... We got Astolfo and that guy from oregairu good shit 👌

    Chapter 2 - A Boy That Can't Stop Crossdressing · 2021-12-04T16:20:03Z

    Akemi Rakoyou

    Dont fight for someone who won't fight for you.

    Example, Eren jeager,
    he acted like he hated Mikasa ackerman but he wanted to protect her all this time, soon after the last chapter of the manga, Eren jeager confessed that he has loved her since the beggining.
    Mikasa Ackerman was in love with him ever aince they were children, she protected him and would even sacrifice her life but Eren jeager was the one to sacrifice his own, just so Mikasa and his friends can be free from the titans.
    Now thats true love.

    Chapter 51: Episode 51 - See You in My 19th Life · 2021-12-04T16:18:38Z

    Ero Oyaji

    WTF? Why is he getting his ass kicked? Just give up

    Ashita no Joe - Chapter 28 - MangaKatana · 2021-12-04T16:16:57Z