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    WOW...... so Dwarf men aren't allowed to see a ladies face but the Armor gives them plenty of skin to enjoy. No wonder the princess got nude so easily.

    Shinju no Nectar - Chapter 11 : The Power of Lightning - MangaKatana · 2022-09-29T10:05:29Z


    Bait tried to caught a tiger shark instead of a lil Nemo.

    Chapter 126 - Eternal Club · 2022-09-29T10:04:03Z

    Dat Folk

    not pleading, you just need to raise himself way way up to the cloud and he's all yours lol

    Chapter 213 - Eleceed · 2022-09-29T10:02:37Z


    Not exactly, when you know that a enemy can isolate and kill a scattered group they just need to get together, they would just do what they have already done against him but with more people, no matter how unfriendly they are with each other theu cant let the ranking get all messed up

    Chapter 213 - Eleceed · 2022-09-29T10:01:19Z

    gambling mob-ster

    goblin slayer would be proud
    but im sad

    Chapter 60 - The Only Necromancer · 2022-09-29T10:01:03Z


    Ok im not a hater of rape myself ... but from where this shit came from ... thats kind out of context for this manga wtf is going on

    Sousei no Onmyouji - Chapter 24 : A History of Defeat - MangaKatana · 2022-09-29T09:58:31Z


    Yeah but that's pretty good and it's not that disgusting because these "zombie" are more like another living existence but is similar to human. They can talk, think etc...

    In A World Filled With Zombies, I’m The Only One They Won’t Attack · 2022-09-29T09:56:58Z


    I don't think so he is experimenting with old world connector, even if they are already dead. And akira is old world connector, that's how he got into contact with Alpha. . If you mean kibayashi, he is a really good guy, he even helped akirawhen he become a bounty worth of 50 billion Aurum on his head by the city.. Even to the latest novel, we don't know exactly what both Yanagisawa and Alpha plan is.

    Chapter 37 - Rebuild World · 2022-09-29T09:55:48Z


    mfw hes a few rare pussy magnet protag that actually got some


    Chapter 36: Date - Boy's Abyss · 2022-09-29T09:55:22Z