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    Awesome A1

    Thanks. I will try it too.

    Perfect Surgeon · 2022-08-17T07:49:25Z

    Woomy Nation

    If there is a novel I haven't read it, it's just using context clues and assumptions based on how the direction of the current arc is.

    Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:49:04Z


    just my guess but prince august is going to get hurt isn't he as he's the black rider that's why she has the bad feeling vibe.

    Chapter 19 - Deathbound Duke's Daughter and Seven Noblemen · 2022-08-17T07:47:06Z


    I agree with the guy down there what in the Tom fuckery is that 👺🔪 https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 143 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2022-08-17T07:44:58Z


    Thats because of the beam from the previous chapter right?

    Chapter 59: Sidran Revolution - Tensei Shitara Ken deshita · 2022-08-17T07:43:17Z


    MC probably will need the "qualifications" of being a cadet and transcendant Academy wont count, so he will "enroll" with this lady.

    Chapter 2 - Transcension Academy · 2022-08-17T07:40:19Z

    Harry Siestanto

    That machine must be expensive. I hope it doesn't break.

    Chapter 29 - My Dad Is Too Strong · 2022-08-17T07:40:10Z