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    LOL, AND I JUST FINISHED binge reading start to finish "How To Live As A Villain" and then i find this :P NIIICE!

    Chapter 1 - Villain Unrivaled · 2023-01-28T23:54:54Z


    I’m pretty sure he also has the abilities of like ancient and extinct species too.

    Chapter 28 - Existence · 2023-01-28T23:54:32Z


    hes gonna be like whos that bit... xD

    Chapter 50 - Seoul Station Druid · 2023-01-28T23:53:32Z

    Zakaria Yusuf

    Oliva is gonna jump to top 7 in verse maybe

    Chapter 139: The Pair - Baki-Dou (2018) · 2023-01-28T23:51:12Z


    Dude fuck everything bout this maga do t try to make sense of it with real and practical stuff like the three months thing
    What I'm more interested in is the part bout you playoffs if your okey with it can you tell me bout it

    Chapter 267: The Girlfriend and the Birthday II (Part 4) - Kanojo, Okarishimasu · 2023-01-28T23:48:10Z


    Well sorry, I don't feel the same way, she looks better with glasses. They add to her charm.

    Chapter 4.1 - I’m Sick and Tired of My Childhood Friend’s, Now Girlfriend’s, Constant Abuse so I Broke up With Her · 2023-01-28T23:46:54Z


    Just break the wall thats not burning bro.

    Chapter 167: Give him the knife. - How to Fight · 2023-01-28T23:46:04Z


    Ohh is it time for the grass troupe to become one of the Dragon pavilion?

    Chapter 250 - Peerless Dad · 2023-01-28T23:43:00Z