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    kili sloe

    He killed soldier servants, nobles and the crowd of random people who was there at the time, so he probably killed a few hundred people.

    Chapter 15 - Reborn as a Barrier Master · 2021-10-19T02:35:20Z

    jemina seinin

    either the translation is a little bit off or the mangaka sucks at paneling his script

    Chapter 9: Decoy - Strategic Lovers · 2021-10-19T02:35:10Z


    All of them are, maybe only small portion who are not, in my own opinion anyway. And don't forget how MC got here.

    Chapter 17.2 - Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome · 2021-10-19T02:33:38Z

    Unabara Shion

    karen not a gender, it's someting to refer people like u, lol

    Chapter 8 - Lion Coeur Senki · 2021-10-19T02:31:30Z

    Yoshitsune Fullbuster

    never knew a fighting style n massacre could be this cute

    Chapter 66 - The Max Level Hero Has Returned! · 2021-10-19T02:30:40Z

    ©Nie Fu™

    maybe some people.. don't like MC like a pig......
    but i don't mind.....
    like MC at Accel World... if he can be Strong on the good side... why not....???
    sorry my grammar is bad...

    Chapter 25 - Saikyou Yuusha wa Oharai Hako: Maou ni nattara zutto Ore no Musou Return · 2021-10-19T02:29:40Z