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    Goodest Christian Boi

    I swear to god! I thought this one gonna be one wholesome husband-wife chapter https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 86 - Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband · 2022-01-20T23:26:02Z

    Miscellaneous Bastard

    why did the cyclops skeletons have two eye sockets?

    Chapter 32 - Seoul Station's Necromancer · 2022-01-20T23:25:49Z

    Goodest Christian Boi

    Been smoking, drinking and sometimes drugs since high school https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
    How to stop?

    Chapter 85 - Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband · 2022-01-20T23:23:51Z


    I sense discontentment with these results.. But imma ignore it bc I can't be unhappy when we got 4 new chapters of my current fav -w-

    Chapter 29 - Storm Inn · 2022-01-20T23:22:23Z


    im kinda hoping broly comes back because he also was enraged hopefully he has control of it if he comes into this chapter

    Chapter 80 - Dragon Ball Super · 2022-01-20T23:22:14Z


    Headcanon that it has limited amount of power, but such a big amount that it can theoretically grant at least 1 of any REGULAR wish imagineable, and that rewinding time is pushing limits. If that's the case, resetting anything is like rewinding time + altering everything that happened which is too much, yes yes im bigbrain.

    because honestly if you have the ability to wish for anything in the world, and you have a problem, chances are there are like a billion different, better wishes you could make besides "try again"

    Chapter 1 - MEMORIZE · 2022-01-20T23:20:34Z