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    Same writing quality as a manhua, but on the bright side the art is nice. There really isn't that much character development and it is very boring I would rate 5.8/10

    Limit Breaker · 2022-01-28T21:52:46Z

    Infinite SHIT

    Man you just spammed so many comments 🤣🤣

    Chapter 130 - The Beginning After the End · 2022-01-28T21:52:14Z


    When she didn't even tried to argue with those simpletons, it gave me a bad image of her...

    Chapter 1 - A Villainess No More · 2022-01-28T21:50:17Z


    fuck him.. where's the waifuu, bring the waifu

    Chapter 49 - Return of the Mount Hua Sect · 2022-01-28T21:50:10Z

    Infinite SHIT

    Tbh i am not liking the changes they are making in the manhwa like in novel king alduin was the one who asked if arthur liked tessia or not and when elder rinia was coming arthur and virion were the first one to notice and after seeing there worried face other asked if something was wrong , and last how arthur described walking through the tunnel like it had been hours and that they couldn't see anything and there were too many turns that arthur didn't even knew where he was and he was worried why elder rinia was taking these many precautions when she can even she future so what was she afraid off

    Chapter 130 - The Beginning After the End · 2022-01-28T21:49:23Z

    Han Rasmussen

    I'd say she most likely immobilized him so that she can torture him to death slowly at her leisure, or she sealed him in something akin to a magical agony booth and left him there to suffer. She went back pretty quickly, so she didn't have time to slowly kill or torture him then, but I'm sure she has a method to ensure he gets his punishment.

    Chapter 8: Let's Eat Together - I Summoned the Devil to Grant Me a Wish, but I Married Her Instead Since She Was Adorable ~My New Devil Wife~ · 2022-01-28T21:47:30Z


    The LN came first and the anime Mera is nearer to the LN design than the manga Mera

    Chapter 56.1 - Kumo desu ga, nani ka? · 2022-01-28T21:46:50Z


    indeed, those are god tier equipments, but then no one suspects that a girl wearing full body armor swinging a giant sword

    Chapter 72 - Shangri-La Frontier ~ Kusoge Hunter, Kamige ni Idoman to su~ · 2022-01-28T21:46:44Z


    I found Eroko first and then went back and read this. It's not necessary to do, but it's a good read and gives a good amount of context to certain things in Eroko.

    Henjo - Hen na Joshi Kousei Amaguri Senko · 2022-01-28T21:46:32Z


    Aisha seems to like what she saw

    Chapter 313 - My Wife is a Demon Queen · 2022-01-28T21:46:17Z