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    Ryoma ECHIZEN

    This shit’s literally getting more intense and scarier in every chapter

    Chapter 16: Ep. 16 - Shotgun Boy · 2021-06-24T02:14:13Z

    I watch Anime

    If you survive a fight with an op mc, you are either very skilled, very lucky, or they were going easy on you.
    This guy was lucky

    Chapter 36 - Limit Breaker · 2021-06-24T02:13:15Z


    A lot of the female characters in this one look a little too similar for my poor eyesight...

    Chapter 11 - Return of the Female Knight · 2021-06-24T02:12:29Z

    I watch Anime

    So he wants to climb Kim Kibong's mountain?

    Chapter 36 - Limit Breaker · 2021-06-24T02:11:42Z

    Killing Bruten

    i am very sure the manga author is also hent41 author......

    Chapter 18 - Night Bound ◆ Aubade · 2021-06-24T02:11:28Z


    Do you mean beef jerky? …Not sure what you're buying, but the price of beef did rise so yeah

    Chapter 27 - God of Cooking · 2021-06-24T02:11:12Z

    Andrew Childs

    Ok, glad to be here and since I genuinely love this chapter I will explain what I’m doing. I loved this anime and I am enjoying the manga. I’m adding comments to maybe make it more visible for other fans and to let whoever is posting it know that this work is being appreciated. So enjoy your read and if this is your work, thank you for the good manga.

    Chapter 30 - As Miss Beelzebub Likes · 2021-06-24T02:09:54Z