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    Kim Chi

    Why my tears kept falling while reading these. Crazy how this manga is so emotional

    Chapter 57: But Not For Me - Blue Giant · 2022-11-28T07:13:27Z


    At least he maxed it out enough to know not to mess with him....finally...people get smart in a manhwa to not mess with the MC....

    Chapter 108 - Fist Demon of Mount Hua · 2022-11-28T07:12:52Z


    Normally i'd be right there with you, but KissXSis kinda sucked all the fun out of it for me. Might still give it a shot, if it's recommended?

    I Reincarnated as the Little Sister of a Death Game Manga's Murder Mastermind and Failed · 2022-11-28T07:12:35Z

    Woomy Nation

    It's a short chapter but I'm expecting a lot more in the next one, the artist was probably busy because of the collab with the national team, cut them some slack.

    Chapter 197: “Protagonist” - Blue Lock · 2022-11-28T07:10:06Z


    i bet you'd swing ur hips even harder if it happened to you

    Chapter 38 - What Happens Inside the Dungeon · 2022-11-28T07:03:51Z


    Aye, Tom boy's got big titties too ;-p

    Chapter 22 - My Girlfriend's Friend · 2022-11-28T07:02:21Z


    Throughout this whole arc we see that Griffith definitely cares for Guts and Casca. He worried many times for Guts' safety, and when Casca was about to get raped by Wyald he tries to stand and fight for her. Similar to how he helped Casca defend herself against that nobleman way earlier on. We all know that Griffith becomes corrupted by evil similar to the slug Count, but there was definitely good in him, and I don't agree with the people that act as if he's all evil. Of course him in his devil form he is evil, but I'm saying as Griffith he isn't evil, and shows a duality in character traits.

    Berserk - Chapter 67: Armour to the Heart - MangaKatana · 2022-11-28T07:02:05Z


    I thought he did quit and then became a guide

    Chapter 89 - The Player That Can't Level Up · 2022-11-28T07:00:18Z