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    Roronoa ZoRobot

    my thoughts exactly, i cant believe my mommy viper is here

    Chapter 13 - Drug-Eating Genius Mage · 2023-03-25T08:06:40Z

    Dark Hunter

    Yes, i dont like the guild receptionist just like her. But its different world and other kingdom. Im not sure they are nice but unlikely that woman rude.

    Chapter 42 - The Exiled Reincarnated Heavy Knight Is Unrivaled in Game Knowledge · 2023-03-25T08:06:04Z

    Ghost 1999

    He's one of those middle eastern princes who have trillions of dollars

    Chapter 59 - BJ Archmage · 2023-03-25T08:01:15Z


    girl is having it spelled out for her and still doesn't get it

    Chapter 190 - Keep a Low Profile, Sect Leader · 2023-03-25T07:57:55Z


    I stopped reading this because the translation got so bad that it was barely comprehensible. I see no one fixed it.

    Dead Tube - Chapter 24 - MangaKatana · 2023-03-25T07:57:34Z

    Random Weeb

    Mushroom Jetstream aka fart 💨

    Chapter 93 - Mushroom Hero · 2023-03-25T07:51:38Z

    Casual Reader

    Agreed, and I appreciate that they still continue their works against all odds.

    Chapter 92 - The Greatest Estate Developer · 2023-03-25T07:50:37Z