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    random mob

    nice, even MC consider her potential Waifu

    Chapter 29 - Return of the Bachelor · 2021-10-16T18:14:15Z


    Anyone here watched the whole anime series? I wonder how Coolkyou gonna illustrate the torture scene..

    Chapter 40: Emperor of the Evil Country - Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi · 2021-10-16T18:13:23Z

    fazal karim

    yes i tend to forget all of my download and games when the internet is down for a couple of days. i just turn on the laptop and see the internet is on or not

    Chapter 24 - Saikyou Yuusha wa Oharai Hako: Maou ni nattara zutto Ore no Musou Return · 2021-10-16T18:12:50Z


    when the best part is about to come and it suddenly ends with a cliffhanger https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 22 - Return of the Legendary Spear Knight · 2021-10-16T18:12:24Z


    Even blind he is still chad but my feelings also won’t change until I die I want that harem ending

    Chapter 28 - Joshikousei to Seishokusha-san · 2021-10-16T18:12:21Z


    i don't know. cloning? asexual reproduction? long life span?

    Chapter 3 - Trouble · 2021-10-16T18:11:34Z


    Does anyone know if this manhwa has a LN? and if yes can you give me the link

    Chapter 11 - Return of the Legend · 2021-10-16T18:11:09Z


    He introduces his friends and the only thing he introduces with this dude is just him already balding as a high school student lmao.

    Chapter 9 - Return of the Legend · 2021-10-16T18:09:35Z

    Garfield B

    I 100% will memorize his words for when I need to use it. That's deep.

    Chapter 73: Remember Me (5) - Radiation House · 2021-10-16T18:09:17Z


    Okay yea thats a brilliant fookin idea, didn't think about that

    Chapter 12: Episode 12 - She's Hopeless · 2021-10-16T18:08:57Z