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    whata shity whore, dont have enogh with fredrick and the other, but want it to have more.


    Chapter 15 - DHM - Dungeon + Harem + Master · 2023-04-01T23:38:12Z

    Baddest Christian Boi

    Ayy that man looks like father of my church

    Chapter 4 - Lion Coeur Senki · 2023-04-01T23:33:47Z


    500 manga chapters and 34 volumes hopefully it finishes in my lifetime

    Chapter 68 - Legend (TAKANO Masaharu) · 2023-04-01T23:32:27Z


    these chapters feel noticeably shorter... and rushed, I see this is where the author just gave up/lost interest in this series

    Chapter 64 - Wizard's Martial World · 2023-04-01T23:30:57Z


    I skipped the previous arcs and jumped to this, and it's probably fine to me because I did that

    Chapter 51: Twin Fight - Game obu Familia - Family Senki · 2023-04-01T23:25:17Z


    Wait, Ya Yutalk *isn't* all talk? Intriguing.

    Chapter 39 - I Reincarnated as the Crazed Heir · 2023-04-01T23:24:08Z

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Legs look a bit awkwardly long in some parts.

    Chapter 1: Episode 1 - Ghost King · 2023-04-01T23:22:37Z


    He's like that one friend who always picks fights with everyone and acts tough saying "hold me back" huh?

    Chapter 8 - A Modern Man Who Got Transmigrated Into the Murim World · 2023-04-01T23:22:17Z


    what was the point of sending all those people?

    Chapter 130 - Memoir Of The King Of War · 2023-04-01T23:21:51Z