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    Advocate Paradox

    Just short for Lolita or Lolicon. I cringe when people find it sexually attractive.

    Chapter 3 - The Game That I Came From · 2022-05-23T18:32:11Z

    Advocate Paradox

    Probably stacks with his racial and job stats. Like a Reguard with speed or an Orc with strength.

    Chapter 3 - The Game That I Came From · 2022-05-23T18:31:37Z


    Why he had to call someone, if its regenerating then just burn it ffs ...

    Chapter 15: Moromi - Tomie · 2022-05-23T18:30:32Z


    It's crazy how many times they spit in his face and everyone sides with them

    Chapter 91 - Bowblade Spirit · 2022-05-23T18:29:00Z

    The Seeker of Dreams

    All gone dude. Just empty boxes and grease stains left. You're 7 months late. 😄

    Chapter 26: The Iris and the Truth Society - I'm Really Not the Evil God's Lackey · 2022-05-23T18:28:19Z

    Woomy Nation

    He wasn't even late he literally invited her to the ball, she ditched him

    Chapter 15 - Second Life on the Red Carpet · 2022-05-23T18:26:04Z

    Arima Taki

    https://uploads.disquscdn.c... Next idea -> No-Game God. Everyone in the world is playing the VRMMO Game, except this miserable MC. But, get this, since MC has not been playing the game for 2 years, he gets a God-Rank class. MC: "My path is different from everyone. I'll follow this and reach the top as the strongest." See? Idea done.

    Sleeping Ranker · 2022-05-23T18:26:01Z


    Read Ch.14.5 before anything else

    Is The Demon King A Healer? · 2022-05-23T18:25:24Z

    Aiden DHS

    i saw zscores and had some unhappy flashbacks

    Chapter 13: Formalities - Oshi no Ko · 2022-05-23T18:23:52Z