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    Terry Scraperfield

    Looking forward to see how much Ai has grown

    Chapter 171 - Mission: Yozakura Family · 2023-03-26T16:14:08Z


    Aight, calling getting hit with a stray ball "abuse" might be a bit much- especially when she was....right by the goal? for some reason?? who does that??? but yeah a cheap replacement and etc easily buying her off would suck.

    Chapter 57 - I Only Want to Beat You · 2023-03-26T16:10:04Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    Reminds me of the Lich of the Flying Island in Shitara Ken where it’s revealed that that the Lich was still a child inside and was admiring Fran and Jean

    Chapter 171: Ghost King (3) - Isekai Nonbiri Nouka · 2023-03-26T16:08:25Z


    I shivered for a few seconds after seeing that surprisingly realistic thing on her hand😨 not even an isekai would allow people from escaping that thing

    Chapter 18: Don't Just Leave Me Here! - Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! · 2023-03-26T16:08:22Z


    He did it by his decapitated hand or his hook hand

    Chapter 74 - Jigokuraku (KAKU Yuuji) · 2023-03-26T16:08:05Z

    Ghanou senpai

    Do it like me i stop reading it for more or less a year but boy when i got back it was fun now im up with it timz 🤓to sleep again on it

    Chapter 149 - Mashle · 2023-03-26T16:07:00Z


    i think so but from what ive seen its only the high rank inked disciples

    Chapter 3174: A Narrow Victory - Martial Peak · 2023-03-26T16:04:36Z


    there's something worse. Nice Boat School Days ending

    Chapter 51 - The Eminence in Shadow · 2023-03-26T16:02:30Z


    @bBot , could you please add grandson of the holy emperor is a necromancer?

    Akane Banashi · 2023-03-26T16:01:31Z